Strategies for Playing Everyone’s Favorite Rio Negro in Argentina

La Quiniela or pool, as many people call it, is an amazing game of luck that is totally based on guessing results of 15 games that happens place in a match. This might appear very simple at an initial glance; however it carries a little difficulty. Thus, for people who don’t know about this game, it is generally very tough to predict an outcome of these matches and, people who know this sport generally tend to fail and over-trust. It is one reason why you must take in account various aspects given at

  • The first thing to know is football is an unpredictable game, and will completely change your game in last some minutes and can lead to win and lose either team.
  • Despite the struggle we face by playing such type of game, there’re series of tricks and tips that can help you to increase your odds of winning.

In Argentina, there’re many QUINIELAS and there are around 3 games in one day: first in the morning, second in afternoon and third in the evening. To play the game of QUINIELA, you need to select the number from 1, 2, 3, & 4 figures from 0000 – 9999.

Player can then select if they want to play with 1 or more Loterías. For example, if you ever bet on a last figure and win, you get seven times what you bet. However, if you bet over last 2 figures & win, you get 70 times of what you bet. You can even bet on last 3 figures and get them, and you win over 500 times that you bet. Finally, when you bet on last 4 figures and win, you get 3500 times of what you bet.